Morning, All,

I thought I'd already tossed in my two cents in this thread, but I guess not. Someplace here at LH, I have mentioned this before, but I'll have another go at it, just for grins!

First contact with JBL's came with our band, "Finger Lickin' Good", went on the road in 1969. We needed a better rig for our bass player, and so got hold of three brand new JBL 15" woofers (don't even know what they were.... maybe D130's, or D140's..), and built a box the size of Manhattan in which to house them!! We didn't know squat about either speaker building, or impedance matching to amps, and so couldn't understand why we kept blowing up the Fender Bassman head that our bass man used!!

Later, I got to enjoy a custom built system that my girlfriend's Dad, who was a local surgeon, had installed in the walls of their home, and fell in love with it! I know it was either JBL, or Altec, but never found out more about it. Still later, that same fellow allowed me to enjoy his "new" JBL's when I delivered his Jag up to Palm Desert, CA. They were L300's, and Doc G. played some outstanding music for my enjoyment that day! We listened to Dave Grusin, Miles Davis, Aaron Copeland's "Fanfare For The Common Man", and many other great things, and I was hooked for life on JBL, and in particular, those wonderful L300's!!

Tried to build something like them, later, but they never sounded as good as the "real thing". Now, we finally own a fantastic pair of L300's, and are even more in love with them, than I was way back when I first heard a pair!! Yes, I know that other JBL systems have eclipsed them, in many ways, but to my ears, and also to Sweet Bride's, our L300's are still simply stunning, and we both dearly love them!! If you've already had to wade through similar BS from me on our fantastic L300's, I apologize! But, to us, they are still a wonderful set of speakers, and we enjoy them every single day! Is it possible that, someday, we might end up with something more new from JBL, like the 250Ti's? Sure. But, very probably not anytime soon! Until then, we'll happily "make do" with our beloved L300's!! Now, I have to remove the drivers to see if 3db down's #12 stamp is on any of them!! Cool!! Take care, and God Bless!

Every Good Wish,