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Thread: Cabinet Design?

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    Cabinet Design?


    I just obtained a pair each of the D130s, 075s and the N2600 crossovers. I am looking for a cabinet design and wiring diagram that complies with Thiele-Small parameters for these speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You'll find the enclosure design guide in the Technical Library on the JBL Pro website. Use that as a starting point....

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    JBL suggests the use of a 4-5 cu ft enclosure with a 25 sq in port in the baffle.

    BBPro6 suggests using a 2.035 cu ft enclosure with a 4" dia port 1.138" long. This according to JBL's recommendations of the 60's yields some bass loss. According to today's standards it will yield a proper loading for that woofer.

    I think I would go with JBL's under damped recommendation.


    JBL's recommendation in Teal and properly damped in Red.
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