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Thread: 250ti "classic edition", "limited edition"

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    250ti "classic edition", "limited edition"

    As a proud owner of 2 beautiful mintmintmint 250ti "classic edition" I thought I should check the networks if they are REAL 250ti BQ networks as I had some doubts.

    First of all according to my manual the "classic edition" and the "limited edition" are identical. Except maybe one was sold in USA (limited) and one in Europe (classic).

    The network thing is strange. All values seem to be according the 250ti BQ BUT:
    a) the 0.005 polypropylen bypass caps are missing
    b) the C1, C5 (33uF!), C7 are electrolytic
    c) the C3 is 24uF electrolytic + 16uF MKP (Solen)
    All other Caps are Solen MKP

    The networks are made in Taiwan and the work is of lousy quality, which not neccessarily depends on each other
    I need to reglue all coils as they are loose.

    The tweeters are 035TiA-2 which seem to be 035TiA-1 with golden laminated dome.

    All in all it looks like another stroke of the peacounters!
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