After Jim Fosgate sorta created real car audio (around '76 or '77 I think), I got really interested in raw speakers. After replacing the 123A-1 in one of my L100s, I got more interested in speaker construction and the details of the backside. What did all that stuff do? Why were there so many ways to do it, even though the basic set up was always the same?

When the Fosgate drivers showed up, they were even more intriguing, because I lived in MI at the time, where the winter temp might dip to -15, and I knew no home speaker would take that kind of stress. The interior of the car might get to 120 or higher in the summer; no home speaker would like that either. (I know, because I hooked up home audio speakers, boxes and all in the back of my Scout II.)

These new automotive speakers were much more sophisitcated than the buzzy crap the car manufactureres were installing, so what was going on?

Enter JBL with some 10" autosound woofers, and before you know it, I've built two ported and sloped boxes with a simple xover to a top mounted tweeter, and I'm thumping away. The Scout is in the house! Or maybe the house is in the Scout.

I've still got these things in the garage. Maybe I can find them and take a picture.