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Thread: BX63 replacement?

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    Smile connections

    Thanks for the link, Lancer. Based on that, I don't need the Soundcraftsmen bridging device.

    Then this is what I plan to do.
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    BX63 Replacement - 25 Hz Bump Filter DIY

    A long shot here - need some help. I am trying to build a pair of the filters shown in post #10 on this thread by "4341B", using TL072's. Trouble is, I need to have it work with balanced inputs and balanced outputs, and have no idea how to do that . Can anyone provide a clue how to modify this circuit for balanced ins/outs?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    You could add a Balanced Line Receiver chip before the first TL072 and a Balanced Line Driver chip after the second TL072.

    Links to some very fine balanced line chips:


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    what is the cut off of the modified 5235.

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