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Thread: 2204 recone in 2203

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    Question 2204 recone in 2203

    Can the JBL 2206 or 2204 be recone with the 2203 cones?

    I would like to build a small home studio cabinet with 2x2203. I believe this model can offer very deep bass in a very small volume (2 cu-ft- 57L).
    I would like to compliment this dual 2203 with a single 2" 2450 for the mid and high frequency. any advice on the horns that I should use for the best flat response from 500 to 18Khz.

    Your help is welcome.

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    The 2204 can be reconed as a 124/2203 but i'm not sure about the 2206. The 124/2203 works great in a 2.5 - 3.0 cubic foot enclosure tuned to 30 - 32 Hz. In a 2.0 cubic foot enclosure tune to 26 Hz or 40 Hz and see which you prefer. The old JBL tuning frequency for this transducer was 26 Hz but in practice that was usually way too low. The Qts is extremely low at 0.14 (which hints at it's extremely powerful motor).


    The old JBL enclosure chart had the following two recommendations for the 124/2203:

    1.6 to 2.0 cubic feet with a 3" (7 sq in) port having a 8" duct
    2.1 to 3.0 cubic feet with a 3" (7 sq in) port having a 5" duct

    In both cases the Fb was ~ 32 Hz which wasn't in agreement with the user's guide which was, as previously stated, 26 Hz.
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