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    Ok here we go.

    does anbody have experience with genelecs large format monitors? it seems they have a pretty complete line all the way up to some dual 18" 3-ways with a max output of some 136db. now im not deaf or anything but any input from someone who has heard genelecs would be intressting. many say "they´re the best" and such but others i´ve spoken to are not that impressed. i guess what i wanna hear is the opinion of a jbl lover...and what better place to ask?.

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    Well I have never heard a pair but they swiped JBL,s maket share away from the studios!!! I think Don our leader has heard them, maybe he will jump in, and let us know

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    Genelec 1039

    I had occasion to hear a pair of these at Bernie Beckers mastering lab last year. I was not overly impressed. The mids and highs were very nice but the low frequency sounded weak. Listened to Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel and the lows sounded hollow, if that makes any sense? He has since replaced them and only had them a few months. The 1039 is one of their larger systems and sells for 75k plus.

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    You only need one tune and one characteristic quality to know how you feel about any speaker. It either falls short or enlightens you. In this case it fell short. What really falls short for me is how a sonically wonder medium like FM is falling prey to PDs who have decided FM must sound as sloppy and gutterallly distorted in LF as some of the systems that play the CDs in cars. Some of that stuff is otherwise very unique and inventive, especially the one out now with the "cheerleader" motif and beat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Pachkowsky
    The 1039 is one of their larger systems and sells for 75k plus.

    WOW! thats a shit load of pair of speakers can possibly be worth that much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Figge
    WOW! thats a shit load of pair of speakers can possibly be worth that much
    I can not imagine spending that kind of money on a pair of speakers... and I can not afford to either, but there are at least a dozen different speakers at or above $75K... assuming the companies that are making them sell more than a pair or two... there are quite a few people that disagree.

    Of course in the case of Genelec, ATC, and Westlake, they are intended for studio applications. If your business depends on it I guess you go with what your clients are looking for regardless of cost.


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    Big Genelecs

    At the last AES convention in L.A. a few years back I heard a pair of their big monitors(?) and they sounded like disco speakers, booming bass that was not particularly tight and very laid-back midrange and highs. I remember feeling surprised that they would let that sound dominate their display since their smaller monitors were very popular and well respected in recording studios.. I think that was when they were first introducing their big speakers, maybe they didn't have it all figured out, or maybe I just came by after someone asked them to crank the bass up stupid-loud? For what it's worth the mids/highs did sound quite smooth and un-fatiguing which I know is very important for mixing, but the smallish mid/high drivers in their short/shallow waveguides didn't seem capable of keeping up with dual 18s.

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