What has happened here ???? I have been watching the forums disintegrate with "cat fights" and cheap shots. I thought we were all on the same page here ?

The whole Renee thing and now Giskard makes me kinda sick to my stomach, I mean really, it does ! I come here everyday to read the funny and the insightful aspects of this crazy hobby of ours.
Now it has slipped to be a real ugly place. W-T-F happened ?

No finger pointing, let's just kiss and make up before JBL asks us to take any corporate likness down from the site and disown us.

I too have had dealings with Giskard and the guy is as honest as the day is long. Don't jump to the worst conclusion when things aren't going quite right.

The Renee thing is F**cking embarrasing too. Come on guys, a little more class than a "Click" sandwich please.

Blast me if you must.