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    I'm too lazy to find my old post where you included a link to your store concerning refoaming woofers.
    Remember I had a pair of woofers done where the person glued the front edge of the surround to the FRONT of the woofer.
    Could you give me that link again!!!
    I will need gaskets also, Do you have any of the original type of gaskets that were on the L166s??


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    Just follow the menu at the top, it's in the service area. If you have any specific questions, you can email Pete at

    As for L166 gaskets... I just used up the last of some gaskets I had saved from old speakers, drat. However, I will soon have to go pick up an order of some Infinity drivers from our local JBL/Infinity factory service guy, so I'll ask him if he has any 2214/122/128H gaskets, or anything else that will interchange...


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