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Thread: Altec Lansing Model14 Circuit Diagram Needed

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    Altec Lansing Model14 Circuit Diagram Needed

    Since more than 30 years I am the proud owner of an Altec Lansing Model 14. But the crossover network is kind of senile and broken.
    It is greatly appreciated if anybody can refer me to a source for a circuit diagram of the crossover network.
    Hoping for some helpful expert out there in the www......

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    Please don't get me wrong, but.....

    You would do much better to start from scratch and build some. I have a pair of "tired out 14 crossovers" and I went with a 2nd order on the woofer and a 3rd order on the horn. 1.6khz crossover with 12db attenuation and HF compensation(ala Pi speaker forum info).

    I still ended up dumping the woofer to a friend of mine who wanted test drivers and replaced with a Altec 414, ported to 40hz.

    But in the long run, they moved on to another home as I was chasing bigger game and the 14's only decent part was the horn driver(902) and the Mantaray horn(I missed the 902, not so much the horn either).

    I'm not saying these are that bad, I think much better can be done with just keeping the horn/driver and find a 12" or 15" bottom driver and go from scratch more toward a Altec Model 19 design.



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