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Thread: 2441 diaphragm "washers"

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    2441 diaphragm "washers"

    I'm replacing the 2450 titanium diaphragms in my 2441 compression drivers with stock aluminum ones. The new 2441s diaphragms have metal tabs around the bottom of the mounting ring. They are positioned around the mounting screw holes, like washers. Thus, the bottom of the mounting ring will not mount flush with the top plate like the old diaphragm. It will be spaced apart by the "washers". Is this proper for this diaphragm, or should some sort of gasket be used with it to prevent air leakage between the mounting ring and top plate?

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    They're Stock

    Hi John
    Those "washers" are stock with all the 70 & 80s' vintage aluminum diaphragms I have. I've never seen a modern 2441 diaphragm. IME, there's no need to create gaskets for the "in-between" spaces.

    regards <> Earl K

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