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Thread: Planing production on a JBL type speaker

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    Planing production on a JBL type speaker

    Greetings. After many hours of phone work and mill/lathe work on the parts of me and a few good friends i have cleared the way to seriousley investigate the manufacture of a D130/D120 style speaker. We have already overcome the Alnico problem (thank god we were able to keep it in the US) and as of today began down the road to get permission to use the origional D130 frame form. With any luck i will have access to it. All of my prototypes were made with a basket that was made in asia and i would like to keep to a made in the USA policy. I will not lie, this project may not go anywere, but we are gona try. Things are moving fast. There are too many people to mention but most importantley i must thank Danny McKinney of requisite audio for all of his help. Realistically we are looking at a product that would need to retail in the 250+ range. I realize this is far from affordable when you can buy used ones for less, but we have to start somewhere. I welcome any replies or criticisim. I would rather be told im nuts now then down the road. Feel free to email me. Once again we are nowhere near ready to sell anything, this is very preliminary. The only concern that i have gotten from anybody at JBL was that they wanted us to mark it in a way that nobody would confuse it as an actual JBL, recone it, then expect a JBL to support it. Also i dont want any internet foolery with counterfit speakers . Our first goal before we can sell anything is to get as close as possible to the effeciencey and frequency responce of the speakers, then improve the reliability. Special honors go to Harvey Gerst (sory if i spelled it wrong) for moral support over the phone and also of my partners at Time Electronics Rich and Karen Koerner.( If theay want to or not theay are coming along with me on this ride. Rich and i also putz with tubes. I still work with the only remaining real glass tube manufacturer in the US (Richardson does not count) Sory though. No 12AX7's. We make high voltage stuff. I did try my hand at making something that would plug into a 5U4 socket though. Theay actually worked! I am having trouble finding a tool for the 120 basket. If anybody has any info i would love to hear it. In exchange maby i can monogram a 5U4 anode in a tube.(or at least write it on an insulator) I could turn out a 15" speaker now but it is not close enough for some applications. One thing you folks could help me with however is the decision to go the D130 or D130F route. I am tempted to go D130F route for PA applications and dual showman/vibrosonic applications. Srraight from harvey's mouth the only change he made was to take 1mm from the top plate to go from D130 to D130F. For you history buffs my magnets come from the origional Arnold tool. They are just great people to work with. Please let me know what you think. Thank You

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    If you are that far down the manufactoring hiway the following information may not be of much value,but a source for voice coils could be Sam Saye right there in Lakeside Ca.He is the master and knows plenty about vintage JBL.Send me a P.M. for an e address if interested.Good luck in your venture,Oldmics

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