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Thread: Foam Surround Repair

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    Foam Surround Repair

    Just got a 2214H1 and there are two pin holes inthe surround and (thekids claim innocence) just found a rip in the surround, like a mini "U" abouit .25" wide.
    Should I use Silicon, rubber cement, or something else to create a thin film edge to cover the rip and pin holes?

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    It may be time to replace the surrounds. As they age, mysterious pin holes can start to appear followed by great chunks falling off a bit later.

    If they are old you may consider replacing them yourself:

    Alternatively you can pay around $30-$40 ea. to have them done. If you are sure that they are sound and this was an accident of some sort, a tiny bit of RTV silicone to block the holes will work.


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    If you decide to go with the RTV repair, you might want to try "Flowable" silicone sealer. It's marketed as a windshield sealer and available at auto parts stores. I like it because it's self leveling and it flows. It's about as thick as heavy pancake syrup. Just don't use too much. I've used it on the surrounds of some old GM (Delco) car speakers. I brushed on a thin coat, quickly, before it set up, to let it "Self Level". It worked nice.

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    Thanks for the input. Argg, I think Mr W you are right ... but I will try the silicone. The paper is so clean I am guessing what ever they used to clean it with attacked the surround?

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