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Thread: JBL S120PII subwoofer...?

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    JBL S120PII subwoofer...?

    Anybody know this?

    JBL S120PII Subwoofer Link

    A neighbor, otherwise smitten with the 4345's, has developed a sudden thrist for some LF. Being a milder sort, and of weaker influence over the wifey, he can't seem to get any 43xx's in the door (he simply ain't matured, yet... ). I tried to steer him to the 4645B, but he wants to go the powered route, and smaller size (there we go again...).

    Besides the garish CHROME cone, are these any good, or would the PB12 suffice for a civilian ?
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    "Indeed, not!!"

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    I have read some very bad things about the reliability of the PSW-D112 at one of the review sites. And I have also read that the PB12 is actually the same thing on the inside. Do a web search, and some of this should come up. I wouldn't buy one. I don't know anything about the S120PII though.

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    Alex Lancaster


    I use 2 S120PII´s, and like them; I have tried to get more info from JBL, and they did reply, vaguely.

    A few evenings ago, I was listening to different music on CD and LP, and found that on some, switching the phase 180 deg, would sound "better", my room is very, very irregular.

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    Why not this?

    Looks more like JBL for me
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