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Thread: Alternative 15" Driver

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    Mike C

    Alternative 15" Driver

    Hi guys, If it was dificult to buy a pair of 2235's in your neck of the woods, what would be a good alternative? I have a pair of 4.5 cuft bins and would like them to go down to 35 hz at least and be efficient as well.
    Mike C

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    Niklas Nord
    Perhaps something from RCF

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    I can't imagine 2235H's being too hard to obtain. Order them directly from Harman, they're in stock and only $255 each. Or find some baskets and recone to 2235H's. There are countless 2225's out there that recone to 2235H's just fine.

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    Niklas Nord

    Do like I did, bought 4 old 2225 baskets, remove all the
    glue, repaint the baskets, make it shine.

    a shitty job, but it was worth it

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