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Thread: L-100 Cabinet Restoration Question

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    L-100 Cabinet Restoration Question

    Several members here have had great success using a steam iron to lift scratches and indentations from the veneer. My problem is a little more severe.

    One of my speakers has a chip on the middle of one side by the back edge. It is about 1.5" wide across the edge and goes in about 0.75" from the back edge. The veneer is gone. The depth tapers from about 3/32" at the edge to the thickness of the veneer.

    About the only scheme I can think of is to fill the depression with wood filler, sand it perfectly flat and put an entirely new sheet of thin walnut veneer over the entire side.

    Any other ideas?

    John Lovda

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    When you work with unbacked exotic veneers there are often holes which need to be filled. To do this you "match-cut" both a patch and the substrate.... such that the substrate has a shallow "draft-angle" which will accept the patch with no raw edge showing. Then you glue in and burnish down the patch, scrape and finish. Dye, toner, and a bit of bravery are usually in order.

    If you have some matching material this could certainly be done. If you fail to get a good match; then, you are no worse off than you are now. In which case you simply lay down a full coverage veneer.


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    Check out:

    How about using the walnut dust fill material and trying the pen method. Based on what I've seen, it can look incredibly real. Laying a sheet of veneer is only going to open you up to a whole lot of other blending issues... for such small area?

    Post a photo of the mentioned chuck-out...

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