I'm looking for some crossover advice from the experts here at Lansing Heritage board. I've assembled a little 4-way JBL system. It uses a pair of 2226J's loaded in 4648A cabs for the bass. These cover approx. 200 hz down and are crossed electronically at 12 db/octave and biamped. Covering 200-1.6K is a 2123J midrange loaded in a conical horn. Midrange uses a single inductor and hands off to a 2426J in 2370A horn. The 2370 rolls off naturally on the top where I've sumplemented them with a 2404H tweeter. Both the 2426J and 2404H use 3rd order slopes with the crossover points at 1.6K and 6K. The 2426/2370 is padded 4 db to match the horn loaded 2123J and 2404H tweeter. Sonically everything appears to be working quite well for the first attempt at crossover points and padding. The only troubled area is the 2426/2404 crossover point which I assumed would be the least troublesome. It seems I've got a decent amount of driver summing at the 6K crossover point. I may try something a little higher to smooth the transistion. I've searched the archived but haven't been able to find information where anyone has attempted a using a 2426/2370/2404 together. I'm using the 2404 to eliminate the need for a passive rc network on the 2426/2370 because I wish to keep sensitivity as high as possible(will be powering with SET's). Would appreciate any thoughts or advice. Obviously it's a try it and see type thing and I'm very close, but thought I'd check to see if anyone had attempted what I'm doing so I could draw a little experience and apply it to my project. Will post some pictures as soon as I'm able to load camera sofware into new computer(new computer on order!). Thanks in advance! Jerrod