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Have you tried the 771 bi-amp or the 1224 yet?

These were the original units for the 9846.
I have both units and they are AWSOME on these speakers.

I tried other setups including Crown VFX-2A with Crown amps and Altec amps. They could not beat the Hi-Fi accuracy of those little biamps.

I have a pair of the 9846B's and a pair of the Santiago's.

They are a much better sounding speaker with the biamping than just going thru the N501-8A.

Look for a pair, preferably the 1224's.
You will not be disappointed.


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Marchands XM-136 tube active crossover would float your boat.

Custom tailorted for your needs/application;i,e. slopes, filter types and points, gain and voltage drive, they use 12AX7A tjbes, and then, you source genuine NOS early to mid 60,s Amperex 12AX7A tubes.