I'm pretty sure the Fostex parts I got came from the Fostex Pro Monitor speakers -
they even came with the upright mounts for time aligning the drivers.
The Mid horn driver has a Lab Series D252 label. The round nose super tweeters I got
don't have a label but looks identical to the T825 tweeter I've seen in their catalogs.

Here is a clean copy of just the crossover drawing I got ...
Again, this is a hybrid design for bridging a JBL 2214 woofer to the
Fostex Pro Monitor tweeter and Fostex mid horn pair.

Name:  Fostex-2214-Crossover-Final.jpg
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The FD600 was never used in any of the RWO/Fostex monitors under discusssion here //
therefore getting the original crossover is pretty well useless info
(especially if you don't have the Fostex horns and Fostex woofers that were used in these monitors.

Also (fwiw), the network in the pic that I posted above is purported to be 2/3's of the LS3 network ( > for the horn/driver & tweeter ).

Here it is again;