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Thread: Use of M553 (3-way crossover) as 2-way?

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    Use of M553 (3-way crossover) as 2-way?

    Can the M553 3-way crossover be used in a 2-way system by setting the low/mid and mid/high to the same frequency and only using the low and high outputs?

    Out of curiosity, what happens to the midrange when the low/mid frequency is set higher than the mid/high frequency?


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    Set the first section up as divide by 10. Button on the back and set first frequency dial up at 180Hz. What you now have is an 18Hz high pass. So the first output is sub 18Hz. Take the low range from the Mid output and use the tweeter as the high. Set the other control to the frequency required. When you engage the divide by 10 button make sure the unit is off.


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    Thank you.

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    That's what I do to biamp my 4435. It work fine.
    regards Stephane
    Regards Stephane

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