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Thread: Need HP 403B service manual

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    Need HP 403B service manual

    Got a nice old RMS VM plus other stuff for vintage audio testing. Will need it for some cabinet resonance testing. Did get an Army manual pdf to cal the 204C oscillator. The HP 403B true RMS VoltMeter is in need of cal. Anybody out there who can email me a service manual?
    Preshiate it,
    Martin W.
    Wizard Labs

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    John Y.

    Try the following for a repro copy of your manual:

    They offer very good copies of thousands of manuals no longer published. Only drawback is the cost if you can't find someone to email a copy to you.

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    Thanx John,
    I have their address along with many other reprint vendors. Was hoping a forum member would have one a low (no) cost before I pay for an unauthorized reproduction. It would cost more than I paid for the meter + oscillator + attenuator less shipping..

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