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Thread: My kind of 4671 three way...

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    My kind of 4671 three way...

    Brought the quasi finished boxes downstairs for testing/tweaking and thought I should take a few pictures of progress so far. These are 2205 reconed as a 2225, 2425 with 2370 and 2404. The crossovers are 3110 and 3105.

    When a working 3110 is thrown in the mix these guys really are nice. So here it is so far. Next steps - kick plate for bottom, trim each box for each speaker, grille work and tweak the networks (after getting another working 3110)

    In this next picture of the side you can envision making the horn section as a seperate box on top of a box - add a recessed kick plate on the bottom.

    These next two are simply of the back of the top section for each speaker - the first with working networks to show how the connections will happen and the second which shows where I dismantled the networks (got the 3105 to work - 3110 worked enough to verify it was basicaly shot with ceramics chipped and a melting pot of mush in the bottom)

    I'll update again when closer to finished.
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    That combination sounds very nice. With 2370A, you don't need CD compensation (the horn does it for you), so 3110 (as opposed to 3110A) will work just fine.

    2404's my favorite UHF driver too. Next, you'll be wantin' a subwoofer to go with.

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    Hi Henry,

    I bought the 4671 system in 1985. I thought of putting the horn and cross over in a sub chamber, like the ALTEC 19. I later decided to flip the 4507 cabinet over and cut into the cabinet to insert the horn. The cross over had it's own cut out. I noticed that you decided on 2 ports. The 4507 has 4. The JBL lit. states that 4 ports are needed for high out put levels. Just my .02.


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    I went with the two ports based on asthetics and floor plan. It is a bit hard to tell here, but the boxes are a bit narrower than traditional. This was done to fit either side of my equipment downstairs and to blend well with the room. This made the box a bit deeper. The four ports would have crowded my baffle, but I have the same port area with two.

    It does measure pretty good at F3, but i tend to think you may be right on overall output. I have to introduce a fair bit of attentuation to balance the HF. Bi-Amping seems to be a possibility as well. I have been most impressed with the Fisher 400 combination in my testing - probably has something to do with the Fisher already being slightly muted in the HF.

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