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Thread: Altec 612 and 614 utility cabinets

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    Altec 612 and 614 utility cabinets

    Hi, y'all.

    I've been thinking about building some Altec cabs, you know those utility cabinets like the 612 and 614. I dunno, I just dig the look after having seen this ad on ebay:

    So, something like these:

    Or even something smaller like these (Altec 616?)?

    Are there plans available anywhere? I'll pay $ for them.


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    Hi, Guy.

    Thanks for the link. I saw that link, but thought that might be for the 1970s enclosures (as the directory the plans are in indicate). I was hoping for 1950s/1960s plans as the dimensions are slightly different (i.e., 17-3/4 depth for the 1950s 612 vs. 20 depth for the 1970s 612, etc.) Also, the 1970s plans don't illustrate (at least that I can see) the front oblong cut out of the 1950s/1960s outer front baffle. Maybe it's because the plans are not for the utility cabinets but for "furniture" type cabinets?

    So, I guess I am asking are there any 1950s/1960s Altec utility cabinet plans available? Again, I am willing to pay for them.

    Thanks again,

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