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Thread: 5234 Electronic Crossover

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    5234 Electronic Crossover

    Hi guys,
    just purchased a 5234 electronic crossover of ebay, has 4345 cards fitted. lets know if any good to anyone, I believe its set at 290hz.
    I thought Ian may be interested.
    Regards Mike.

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    I absolutely need the 4344/45 cards to swap with robh for his 4430 cards.

    "JBL Part # 51-5145 designed for the 4345 and 4355 studio monitors, 290 Hz, 18 dB." I THINK that's what he needs. I'll send him a PM about it.

    The need is here:

    Allegedly, the cards for 5234 and 5235 are the same. Izzat what they look like?

    What cards do YOU need? [800 Hz, 18 dB, hopefully. ]

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    That's them!!! That would be great. I will send the 4430's to you tommorow so you can try them out. With luck we all will get what we need!!


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