I will be moving to a 1 bedroom condo at Pensacola Beach with no room for my paragon. I was thinking of building a 4430 clone since I have 2234 woofers (presently in the paragon) & a pair of le-85 drivers. I found someone to make cabinets, but they would need fairly complete plans (i.e. bracing details, support for the drivers etc.) since the construction will be at a remote location. Does anyone have plans or can I pay a shadetree draftsman to draw something up?This place could also clone cabinets from an existing one. I will really miss the smooth mellow sound of the paragon with its wide stereo presentation, but the wife wanted to move to the beach.
I never did get around to modifying some lx5 crossovers for the 2234s, adding 2402s with 2405 diaphragms, & letting the 375s run flat to 9k. Big plans!