I just got a museum of OLD JBL speakers!! They are tearing an old theater down here and I went in and retrieved ALL of the sound system minus the amps etc.

This was a theater on a Army base that was built in 1940 with all JBL. Everything is 1940's vintage and in EXCELLENT CONDITION!!!!

Here is what I got:

(4) JBL D130 15" full range speakers - 16 ohm
(2) # 154-4 15" woofers 32 ohms
(2) coaxial 15" with big horns (unsure of model at this time.)
(1) 527-800 horn with driver 275

I would imagine that this stuff may be worth a pretty penny, as it has been untouched for 65 years!! and never abused, overdriven etc!

I am curious to learn more about these items and any input is appreciated.