Maybe I'm behind the curve and this has already been posted, but have you seen this CES 2005 report/press release on JBL products? Did I sleep through any discussion here?

If so, sorry. I didn't get a hit when I searched. Anyway, here it is:

For some reason I had the idea that the Performance Series was being driven toward oblivion. OBLIVION

Is this new, expanded series a genetic hybrid of the Performance Series, the HT Series, the HTI Series, and a Lexicon (or Synthesis) modified engine? There's a whole lot of mating going on!

And what about that K2 S9800SE; is it really special now? Even more special than before?

Finally, don't miss the bits on Bass Q (finally, eventually, whenever how long has it been coming?) and on the Synthesis in-wall subwoofer. Can you FEEL the bass yet?