Hello to all, I have just finished restoring some L110's and thought you would all like to see. As usual, they were HAMMERED but I like a challenge. I figured out the grills and did them in blue because I think it looks like old school JBL even though they didn't come with blue originally. I repainted the LE111A's flanges and couldn't find the LE5-10's so I blacked out the flanges on a sweet pair of LE5-9's and shot lacquer over the top of the paint so it is really hard. I repainted the baffles and of course patched,faux grained and refinished the wood. I also painted the grill frames with Krylon's new Plastic Fusion paint and love the results. Every screw was first cleaned and repainted then coated with 2 coats of lacquer. I had Mr Marlon Balan, owner of MB Sound and speaker repair put new foam on the woofers too. I hope you enjoy the pictures.