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Thread: A forum for discussing "source material" ?

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    A forum for discussing "source material" ?

    For all the fascinating and informative subjects I have encountered on the various forums here, it seems to me that there should be a forum for discussion of our favorite musical selections, and their sonic merits / pequiliarities, as played on Altec and/or JBL loudspeakers. For example, I have one CD by a great Western Swing group, which has a nice, and fairly large orchestrial string section on one song. Besides its obvious value as great "ear candy", over several years of evaluating speakers by listening to this song, I have found that any crossover design and driver compliment will sound quite excellent, providing the system can reproduce these strings without imparting a vaguely out-of-phase sort of quality to the sound, and/or or failing to hold this string section in a solid, unmmoving location in the stereo image. I can hear the "lack of compliance" easily, and when proper corrections are made, there is no doubt about the tonality of the string section being acceptable.
    There is also the pure enjoyment of music over Altec and/or JBL loudspeakers, with or without any technical asides.
    Thank You, Rich
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