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Thread: Speaker cabinet builder in the mid Atlantic area?

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    Speaker cabinet builder in the mid Atlantic area?

    I've been stalling on getting parts cut for enclosures for a pair of B&C 14" coaxes ( I actually sold a pair of Altec 604s to pay for these ) that I've been sitting on since the start of the plague but I'm trimmed back so far now that I don't have a space for even building a pair of boxes from cut parts. Looking to essentially clone the d&b M4 cabinet design with some adjustments. I've got drawings. Does anyone know of a cabinet builder within range of the DC - Baltimore area that can build a pair of wedges to plans? 5/8" birch, nothing more complicated than rabbet and dado joints, no finishing needed beyond belt sanding.

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    I know how you feel

    I have little to no woodworking skills, but I have a ton of drivers. I used to have a cabinet builder years ago near Toledo but he has more important things to do nowdays. I understand as I have not been as active as in past years.

    Good luck in your search.

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