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Thread: Grille for 4670D's?

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    Grille for 4670D's?

    My wife was kind enough to let me have a pair of 4670's in our family room. I need to put some proper speaker grilles on these without spending an arm and a leg. I am temporarily using a pair of (vintage?) Altec Lansing grilles which are slightly too large and my wife thinks they're hideous. I have them taped on.


    1. Are these Altec grilles worth anything? Would it be worthwhile to sell or trade?
    2. If not, what are some suggestions for someone like me who is not very handy with basic carpentry?

    Thank you
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    that should be fun to disguise.

    maybe a form of outside corner molding attached to the bass cab, extended above the horn with an open rectangle on top. open knit sock over the lot.

    put it on a raised plinth or blocks or a few 2x4's

    guessing others will have (much) better ideas!

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