Thanks Champster for posting this and thanks Ian for posting it in the other thread as well. I thought it was super cool he took the time to meet and answer all of those questions off the cuff. It seems like he is a humble person even though he has designed all of these great systems.

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1. The "shopping mall live piano" demonstration of the importance of dynamics.
2. How power compression in testing will affect measurements.
3. His mention of the difference of opinion between the "Sean and Floyd guys" and his personal take on the importance of dynamics versus directivity.
Also agree. His take on dynamics versus directivity makes total sense. I also didn't know constant directivity and how lively a room sounds played together. I assumed the opposite was true.

One of the neat parts about LHF is that you can lurk undetected, but still see all of the content. I did this for years while in college until finally signing up, so if you happen to take a look at this thread Greg, thanks for taking the time to do the interview and many other years of answering questions through other members. Glad to see you still have the passion of building and I hope all is well.