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Thread: Tannoy dual concentric for 1200

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    Tannoy dual concentric for 1200

    Hello, my name is Maria, I've recently inherited many JBL recone kits and other parts. I don't know much about most of these items. I joined this forum hoping to learn a little. Right now I'm trying to figure out what these Tannoy woofers I have are for and what they may be worth. I've only found conflicting info in my research. The part number is: 596294L. From what
    I've learned it's a dual concentric driver and it's for System 1200. I can't find any comparable ones for sale to gauge what they are worth. Thank you for reading this.

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    Try locating an authorized Tannoy repair facility. They will know what you have and may give you an estimate of its value.

    Good Luck.


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