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Thread: understanding midrange? (driver selection)

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    understanding midrange? (driver selection)

    I read a post or statement somewhere (here?) that said "the size of the cone for midrange doesn't matter", or similar statement. Of course, I can't remember where I read it. I think it was in a JBL brochure or lit?
    That left me intrigued, yet confused. I ignored it but like most stuff I read, it stayed in the back of my mind.
    I'm building a PA system for music and it's getting larger than I originally intended. To start, I used all JBL with mainly 2258 18" woofers, 2262 12" mids, and 2453 drivers for highs. Those 2453 replaced my desired models of JBL 2" drivers. That's another story. I may outgrow my original ground stack club system concept.
    I played with the crossover frequencies a bit but they're at 200 and 1.5k now. I acquired a set of 4 JBL 2251 10" mids for future use in an array cab to be built. I also have a set of 2169 8" drivers coming. I figured I'd match them up with maybe 15" speakers on the lows and move the crossover points as needed, once I settled on drivers. My thinking is the smaller cones wouldn't go down as far.
    I originally selected JBL 12" for mids as I felt they'd cover any needed frequencies between the existing 18"s and the horns.

    So can anyone explain the statement above about mid freq?

    Maybe out of context, it has a different meaning?
    Maybe the statement was tied to select upper mid frequencies?
    Maybe it just means that any decent driver will cover them, and doesn't apply to long throw applications like I may need?

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    Taken out of context that statement is simply false. With qualifiers it could be true, but as a standalone statement, it is nonsense.


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    Thank you.

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