Hello all! First post here. So I’m strongly considering selling off my pair of L300s to fund a project I’ve been wanting to tackle for some time. These will be used for music a lot of the time, but also home theater so there will be 3 in total built (left-center-right). I have a number of drivers on hand which I was thinking I’d like to use to keep costs down, but if it seems like a bad idea and the Summits won’t cover the cost then I may consider selling my only other two pair of JBLs which are XPL200As and L7s. Hopefully I won’t need to though.

Anyways for top end, I was thinking of using the large Heil AMT. I have a pair of ESS AMT-1Ds which I’ll pull them from. So I’d have to source one additional one, hopefully with the original diaphragm. If this is a poor choice please do let me know. I see there is another member using the Heil in an 18” 3 way.

For the mid, I have a few option. I’m thinking I’d like to go with a 10” driver. I happen to have exactly 3 McCauley 6222. From what I’ve read this is supposed to be an excellent driver with good midbass. It’s the only 10” with a standard roll type rubber surround.

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Another option for a 10 is the JBL 251J. These were pulled from a set of SK2-3300s. I have 6 in total, I thought maybe an MTM with the Heil would be cool, if not maybe just align them side by side as they did in the S2K-3300. If I should only use one per speaker let me know on that as well.

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the other 10” option would be the JBL 2251J. Again with these I have enough to do 2 per speaker if that’s optimal. From what I understand these are the same as the 251J except that the 251J has aquaplas and is considered a bit better???

Onto the bottom end. This one is tricky for me. For home theater there will be a pair of 18” Dayton Ultimax woofers in large ported cabinets. So the mains won’t have to go super low, maybe cross at 50hz for home theater and full range for music.

I happen to have 3 JBL sub1500s (or W1500H?). My brother suggested I use them on the bottom end. I’m guessing something with a high efficiency would be better. I was considering doing something like the 2235 or similar 15 and then the sub1500 under it essentially making it a 4 way. The other option is to go with a trio of 18s, like the 2241h, or similar. If I go with an 18 I’d still like to use the trio of sub1500s, but more like true subwoofers for music duty. I posted some pics, in hopes to give folks an idea of what I have on hand. I want to make these the best they can be, so please let the suggestions roll.

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Oh, for crossover, I’d likely go active to start off with and then if I can design a passive that does the speaker justice then I’d use it.

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