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Thread: Fostex T945(N) diaphragm

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    Fostex T945(N) diaphragm

    Hallo all

    I know it is not JBL, but I hope you can help me any way in my search.

    I was so lucky to get my hand on a two pair of Fostex T945N super tweeter in mint condition, but one of them was without diaphragm.
    So I have been searching the net to see if I can find one, but without luck.

    So do any of you know a place where I can buy a new diaphragm for the Fostex T945N ??


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    Hi manley,

    Erikson Audio has been distributing Fostex in Canada for a long time. e-mail them: and ask them for the parts dept. e-mail address or sales dept. e-mail (i don't have them with me now. Parts dept. may be best). With your driver brand and model ask parts or sales dept. if the diaphragm is still available, have it in stock and what price? (Canadian Dollars). The Euro is worth much more than Canadian currency so this is to your advantage.

    Maybe they have it, who knows. Unfortunately if they do you may have to purchase it from a Canadian dealer in case they won't sell it to you directly. My dealer sells Fostex and can usually obtain anything available from the Erikson group. Most of my audio gear comes from various Erikson divisions, they are HUGE. The brands you see on the pic are only a few from a long list they carry...

    That's the best i can do to help you at this point. Let me know the outcome.


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