New member to the group here and would appreciate a little advice. After watching the price of vintage L100's go up and up, I finally pulled the plug and bought a pair. The speakers themselves are in great working condition but I'm thinking of giving a little love to the cosmetics.

My questions. After a pretty deep dive there seems to be many differing opinions so I would appreciate thoughts from the experts.

1. As pictured, the corners on one of the cabinets has some dings. Would you recommend repairing these spots by adding little pieces of new veneer or wood bondo (filler) based on the pictures. Also, if filler is recommended, how do folks feel about wood bondo.

2. The scratches don't look too deep so I am thinking of sanding the existing veneer. I'm hearing that after sanding that I should just add linseed oil (assuming I can possibly still get it in California). Do you agree? Some people are recommending stains and/or various oils.

In advance, excited to join the group of likeminded audio nerds.


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