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Thread: Materion and Radian Audio Partner

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    Materion and Radian Audio Partner

    Hard to tell what this means but we have all seen quality companies of many different products partner or merge with other companies and the quality be impacted one way or the other.

    I ordered 2 Radian diaphragms today.

    Materion and Radian Audio Partner to Increase Production of High-End Truextent® Acoustic Beryllium Diaphragms

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    Materion is responsible for making the domes for most of the world's Be drivers. They supply the domes to Focal, JBL, Radian, and most everyone else who offer real beryllium drivers. TAD and a few others have their own technologies. Driver manufacturers like JBL take the domes provided by Materion and bond them to voice coils and turn them into finished drivers. In the case of the Truextent 4" diaphragms, Materion was assembling complete diaphragms with 8 and 16 ohm voice coils in house.

    It appears that Materion will cease completed diaphragm production and leave that to the folks at Radian. Hard to say if Radian or Materion have better QC regarding coil winding and diaphragm production. I am sure that Materion will continue to manufacture the pure Be domes for these diaphragms.


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