I am still trying to fully understand the 4410 network and to implement it without attenuators.

All I intend to do is to copy the 0 dB setting for mid and high frequency with fixed L-pads using resistors.

1) Since the highest setting on the original attenuators is "+1" attenuating it by 1dB would result in "0" setting, right?

Mid frequency: there is a pre - attenuation with a 1.2 Ohm resistor. Using an online L-Pad calculator this would translate into ca. -1.5 dB (assuming 8 Ohm impedance).

So my question is: is this correct and is it correct to attenuate it by 1 dB more to copy the "0" setting of the original 4410?
Using the L-pad calculator this would give 2 Ohm in series and 24 Ohm in parallel.

2) What I wrote above should theoretically apply if the attenuators were common (adjustable) L-pads. I do not fully understand the schematic. It looks as if the terminals normally going to ground or "-" are interconnected between the LP1 and LP2. Is this correct or is the schematic wrong?

Sorry if this sounds too complicated...

To sum it up: which resistor values would you use to imitate the "0" setting of the originals?

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