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Thread: I Need Some Advice on a 2-way System

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    I Need Some Advice on a 2-way System

    Dear all, since I collected different JBL drivers in the past years, I'm thinking of building a 2 way system and I need some advice. I am going to use a 2226J woofer as a bass driver, plus I own a few different compression drivers and horns. I have two 2445J and two 2451J with original diaphragms, plus i have two D16R2451SL diaphragms. The idea is to load the woofers in a 4530 clone cabinet and use a Fostex H325 for the CD. Eventually, I also have available a pair of 077 and 2404H that can be added. I am going to drive the speakers using a a clone of the atmasphere M60, a OTL amplifier, this is why I choose the J version of the woofers, and I would prefer a passive network, but I am also a little familiar with minidsp and I could add a second little tube amp for the HF section.
    Now the questions:
    What about the 4530 cabinet for home use paired with the 2226 woofers? Is it better a more traditional reflex cabinet?
    The first choice for the HF section is the 2451J using the SL dia and H325 horn I have, but I am also tempted by the yuichi A290, which I would like to build. Will these horns / drivers a good combo for the LF section?
    Any observations and help are welcome, THX!


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    For home use go for a reflex cabinet.

    There is no deep bass in a 4530 cabinet, only some response amplitude in the 50 to 80 hz or so range. Plus its simpler to build a vented box.


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