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Thread: JBL 250ti ...good, bad or.....? Advice please

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    JBL 250ti ...good, bad or.....? Advice please

    I am looking to purchase a pair of JBL 250ti get back to dynamic sound that I seem to have lost with my Quad ESL989 speakers. I have not been able to audition the 250ti models yet...but I have some confidence in JBL having been a user of the L300, 4345, 4411 and other models over the years.

    However, I came across a review in Stereophile, by J. Gordon Holt, which was less than great..see I also came across a review by Martin Colloms, see attachment, which was less than fact it gave a warning! Now, I respect both of these reviewers but their opinions seem to be at odds with the opinions of many 250ti owners. In fact, downright contradictory. So, I am hoping that someone can clarify just what is going on. In the reviews there are comments that these speakers do not sound like the old JBL sound, etc. I know that auditioning is essential, but the reviews help reduce the wasted time of auditions on poor equipment.
    All advice, suggestions etc, gratefully received.

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