Decided after all these years to replace the existing passive crossover board with a new layout and incorporate charged coupled topology which is easy to do for a 4435 used in active mode as there is not much there. I intend to wire out the rheostat and L Pad as I have never moved them from 0 dB settings ... my dilemma .... When measured I would have expected on the L Pad (as they are supposed to be 8 ohm) at center position (0 dB) and (assuming a linear taper) to have seen 4 ohms either side of the wiper but I have measured 16 ohms and 3.3 ohms on one L Pad and 16 ohms and open on the other L Pad, clearly they have been cooked or so at some stage, so do I go with my measured pathway of 16 ohms and 3.3 ohms or with the theoretical version of 4 and 4 ohms, anyone with experience with these can help out..... Thank You