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Thread: Crossover help and general cfor Jbl d130 Meyer sound ms-1402 in 4560 cabinets

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    Something I noticed, the information removed contains a patent pending mark, may be they infringed on another patent, but no serial numbers would make sense for factory rejects. I don't have enough knowledge to tell if the suspension is coated aluminum or phenolic, but it looked like coated aluminum to me. I would have thought discontinued line more likely, I've worked in manufacturing and can't see a company throwing out good parts like the caps magnets and covers if they were still manufacturing that product, but you never know.

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    Would be sad to see all that gear going in the dumptster specially since you paid for it.

    Widget's insight is often wisdom too, not just insight. He's a trained ear and has critical listening ability, which you may not have yet. In other words your performance expectations might be at a different level than his.

    Personnaly, I'd hate to just get rid of the stuff without at least trying to make something out of this whole bunch of drivers you got. But initially would keep things simple and consider this simply as a testing phase to determine if there's hope or not.

    No need to invest much money that you may regret later, simply do the basics. For example, if DCR measures ok then you can go to next step, making acceptable boxes to load them in, do some more measurements, and also extensive listening with different program material.

    if they sound awful then you'll have no choice, but if their sound is acceptable to your ears then you can go further. Moving step by step will keep you from having too high expectations initially, plus avoid throwing lots of money at a potential problem. Knowing when to stop or keep pumping is part of the game in speaker building.

    Start with the drivers you judge to be the most "hopefuls" among what you have and take it from there.


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