I have a pair of JBL 4412A's for my office speakers which I really like. I had an Adcom GFA-555, then a pair of GFA-565's. I have been wanting to try Bryston so when a 4B came along I got it. The mids are pretty good as is the bass. The high freqs were harsh. I mean harsh.

I talked with a few people. The consensus was that the high freqs of the 4B are too bright and combined with the Titanium tweeters it was not going to work.

Supposedly the 4B ST is a significant improvement and an SST even more so. Last week I saw an SST for a reasonable price and bought it.

It is much more refined than the 4B. The mids are quieter and more detailed. The bass is clean, tight, and decisive. The highs, while certainly not shy are much more in line with the lower freqs.

It is still brighter then I would like. People familiar with Brystons think they don't pair well with titanium tweeters. I would like to try some silk tweeters.

I am looking for recommendations.

Here are the specs for the JBL 052Ti's;

Nominal Diameter: 25 mm (I in)
Voice Coil: 25 mm (1 in) diameter copper
Magnetic Assembly Weight: 0.91 kg (2 lb)
Flux Density: I.5 tesla (I 5,000 gauss)
Sensitivity?92 dB SPL. (2.83 V) at I m (3.3 ft)

The flange measures 5" across.