Hi guys, name here is Doug & I'm a whole loaded down with these.

The 2235 (15" mid wolfer) x2 each cab required a new foam surround. No problem, I've done these before. The 2842 (4" driver) needed replacement. Radian no longer offered anything. So onto the phonolic diaphram. The biggest problem I've had with these is regarding the mouse infestation.... Lots of Clorox clean up, tub and tile cleaner, fabreeze. Nothing worked and the smell kept marching on. Until I finally said the heck with it put them both in the driveway and hose them all down completely. The wooden inside had been covered with fiberglass and reinforced as these are custom cabs made by made by a local recording studio owner..

So completely stripped with a wolfer's rebuilt, the mid range 2842s on the bench waiting for the new diaphragm. And hopefully the smell is on the horizon and never coming back. My next step is letting them dry out completely. Here in Texas in the late summer that's usually not a big problem big problem as everything gets dried out at as so is the current situation.

Well the next step is to reassemble everything. They're set up for tri amplification with no crossovers required. He gave me a stack of 3 amps for the bottom mid and upper. It has some kind of nuke proof tweeter, I'll update more on that.

So I must say that I am very impressed with JBL's products over the years they have represented only the best and I'm glad to have a part of it. More information on what the heck I got as time passes. I'm glad to be here and thanks to all of you in advance for your expert knowledge and input.