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Thread: JBL L7s - Should I take em in for a test/tune up?

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    JBL L7s - Should I take em in for a test/tune up?

    Hi fellow JBL gurus. I have a pair of JBL L7s in at least light usage since the mid 90s.

    Local shop says they will run a bench test on them for about $70 and see if any issues. I have a Marantz AVR now so have audyssey curve showing mostly flat save a big bump at about 100Hz to the positive.

    Is it worth packing up the beasts and taking them in which is a big (literraly) project, or is that mostly needed on speakers sitting unused for some time? All the surrounds are prefect.

    Looking for input on best practices.

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    How do they sound? Do they sound like they need a $70 tune up?

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    Hello daveinfl, if the foams on the speakers are all good save your money. I have had speakers sit for sometimes almost 10 years and they still work fine. Did you check the foam on the side firing woofer.
    My L7’s we’re sitting unused for almost 5 years before I sold them to a friend over 4 years ago and they are still playing well to this day.

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    My $0.02 worth ( essentially a rewrite of Don's response ):

    No buzzes, rattles, missing or attenuated sound from a driver, or difference in overall timbre between speakers?
    (it seems they measured ok and nothing like that was described in your message)

    Personally, I'd pass without further info.

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    If they are working fine I wouldn't bother. What exactly does bench test mean??

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    I have two pairs of L7s (and two L5s, too) and never paid anyone to tell me they were working just fine. The silly part is if you paid for three tests, you could have bought a new pair of speakers instead!

    Let your ears be your guide! Bend a paper clip to remove the 12-inch driver cover and check the surround. That's just about the only thing that can age out on you.
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