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Thread: JBL 4311, 4311b, and 4312, etc.

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    Question JBL 4311, 4311b, and 4312, etc.

    I just acquired (finally) some 4311B JBL's for my studio listening room front channels, and I'll be using my 4310a's for the rears.
    Anyway, this question is for the JBL gurus onboard. I probably knew this in the past, but can't seem to recall...

    What are the major differences
    (all around) in the 4311, 4311B's and the 4312's, excepting the 'reverse' placement of the speakers in the 4311 series.
    I notice that the 4311b uses 2213H woofer, a LE 25-2 Mid, and LE 5-10 high, while the 4311 uses a 2213 woofer, and LE 25 Mid, and LE 5-2 High. JBL seemed to have 'updated' the drivers and crossovers between the regular 4311 and 4311b's.

    TNX in advance.

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    Hi Scot!


    "B" always mean that the speaker is equipped with ceramic magnet components instead of the former alnico magnets.

    See the whole alnico debate here:

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