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Thread: How to choose rossover coils?

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    We’re you measuring the DC resistance or the impedance which is an AC voltage measurement?

    An inductors impedance will rise with an increase in the frequency of the signal

    If that is the Dcr it appears high and would contribute to insertion losses in the network.

    The only way to measure the effect of the dcr is to measure the voltage drive at the loudspeaker terminals.

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    Since this 3.5 ohm DCR would seem high when looking at that of inductors being sourced for cloned JBL networks or for new DIY designs, it is obvious that the 3.5 ohm value was definitely used in these networks. Could someone here shed more light on the how these values relate to the desired function of the networks' design?
    There are a couple of these high DCR coils used by JBL. Typically they are used to shelve or roll off a drivers response. With yours it could be deliberate attenuation or a roll off. Try it in a simulator to see.

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