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Thread: Removal of the tweeter

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    Removal of the tweeter

    I need to take out this tweeter (LE175DLH) from C56 Dorian. Unscrewing is easy, but it's hard to remove it from the cabinet even after unscrewing the bolts in and outside.
    Any good idea to take it out?
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    Is there any open space ( iow; clearance within that fiberglass ) behind the actual le175 allowing some backwards movement ?
    -If not, you'll need to remove those 3 acorn-style nuts ( as seen in your pic ) holding the driver and horn assembly together and just take out the driver portion ( while leaving the horn assembly bolted in place ).

    If there is space in the back then;
    - Once the front bolts are removed and if there's still no movement then that driver/horn combo is now most likely just held in place by old paint ( and needing some extra persuasion to free the paint-bond ).

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    Heat. Use a heat gun, if you have one, or a hair dryer if you don't. There may or may not be a rubber o-ring sealing where the lens/horn mounts against the baffle but, regardless it's usually just stuck from being there for a lifetime. Doesn't take a lot of heat. Heat the horn not the baffle, and do it from inside, if you can. A little wiggling of the horn should do it.
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