Hi All

After selling my Factory 4350A's about a year ago I ended up purchasing an empty pair of 4350 clone cabinets at an auction. Also purchased at the auction were 3x pairs of 2235H's, 1x pair 2231As and a pair of 2450SL with, I think, 2332 horns. I picked up a fair bit of other interesting JBL gear but these are the only drivers pertinent to this proposed build.

Given the cabinets aren't factory I have no problem trying alternate drivers in this system. Obviously the 2235H's will come in handy and I will continue to use the 2202 mid-bass unit but I am also wanting to use the 2450SL in place of the horns. A few questions arise from this, how can I get the 2311 to mount on the 1.5" driver? I can't see any factory adapters or aftermarket varieties that can achieve this. If I can't use the 2311 I may consider fitting the 2332 horn into the cabinet. Thoughts on this?

Perfect world I would want to drive these completely passive, active 4 or 3-way is completely out of the question and is of no interest. I have a Bryston 10B and a Deqx so I am happy to biamp as done in the legacy system. I assume some crossover work would need to be done for the 2450SL's to blend seamlessly. Any guidance on this?

Worst case I will just buy a pair of 2440/2441/2445 if this is all too complicated for me.

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